Mickey Morgan Speaks at ECSL

Mickey Morgan works at Oakwood’s Secondary School and teaches History and Human Geography. Mickey, an educationalist focused on empowering students to become conscious global citizens,  fosters his students to bring about meaningful change. He spoke at ECSL’s fall meeting sharing inspirational stories of service. Below are links to the programs he discussed and his entire speech.


The Oakwood Chiapas Project (Mexico)www.chiapasproject.com

Students help establish and support women’s artisan cooperatives in Mexico.

Global Nomads (global)www.gng.org

Virtual exchange programs between students with an emphasis on social media to promote awareness and understanding.

Homeboy Industrieswww.homeboyindustries.org

Programs, services and job training for at-risk and gang involved youth.

Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economywww.laane.org

Works to improve the conditions of poverty, health care and pollution in  challenged communities.

Proyecto Pastoral (East LA)www.proyectopastoral.org

Promotes grassroots projects in education, leadership, and service in the community of Boyle Heights.

Los Angeles Community Action Network (Skid Row)www.cangress.org

Helps people dealing with poverty develop a voice in their community and reduce community violence and bias.

Homeless Health Care Los Angeles — Needle Exchange (Skid Row)www.hhcla.org

Uses education, advocacy and direct services to improve the health of homeless people in L.A..

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