Notes from the Special Needs Topic Table at the last ECSL Meeting

The Special Needs topic table came up with several great ideas and resources for service learning projects involving special needs populations.  Here are the notes from our conversation:

Service Learning ideas for the classroom:

– Wheel chair basketball teams (partner a class or school group with a local team)

– Working with veterans

– Connecting the elderly with students who have special needs

– Gardening for therapeutic benefits for students with behavioral/emotional special needs

– Advocate for legislation benefitting special needs populations


– Shane’s Inspiration (all access playgrounds and play dates for students of all abilities)

– Club 21 (building inclusive environments for students with Down Syndrome)

– Life Rolls On (active events for wheelchair bound individuals)

– Wheels to the Sea (fall and spring hikes for wheelchair bound individuals)

–  Guide Dogs of America (they do class visits with dogs)

– Special Olympics of Southern CA

– Best Buddies International (pairs students with special needs with students without special needs, in person or over the internet)

– Project Linus (students make blankets for young people who are sick or have undergone trauma)

– Ability First (serves children and adults with special needs)

– The Help Group (schools and programs for children with autism spectrum disorders)

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