ECSL Winter Meeting Synopsis

Participants at ECSL's Winter Meeting, "Effective Planning for Productive Service Learning," engaging in meaningful planning with colleagues.

Participants at ECSL’s Winter Meeting, “Effective Planning for Productive Service Learning,” engage in meaningful planning with colleagues.

Planning is bringing the future into the present

so that you can do something about it now.

~Alan Lakein

(Author of How to Get Control
of Your Time and Your Life)

While this quote may have been addressing personal time management, it could also be applied to Cathryn Berger Kaye’s workshop: Engage in Effective Planning for Service Learning. ECSL was honored to host Cathy as she engaged in her new professional development material, which helps educators plan for dynamic learning through service. Her guidance focused on several key areas that help ensure successful learning outcomes: Developing essential questions, making curricular connections, enriching learning, and assessing outcomes.

Through both case study examples and usable planning tools and activities, Cathy helped participants ignite systematic plans and get their service learning ideas in motion. Always an advocate for youth voice and authentic programs that addresses real needs, she offered a multitude of different entry points to stimulate service learning opportunities. Cathy posed a host of places that a service learning journey might start. Perhaps there is a need identified by a student? A community request? A thematic unit or skill set already taught in class that compliments a community need?

The workshop allowed teachers, administrators and parents guided opportunities to bring their ideas of the future into to the present. After leaving the meeting with planning tools and a network of colleagues to share ideas and feedback, participants have the opportunity to do something about their ideas now!

Learn more about Cathy’s work at

We’d love to hear how the winter meeting helped shape your classroom’s service process. Join ECSL at our spring meeting- an expo highlighting engaged service learning programs developed during the 2013-14 school year. Find out details in our “Upcoming Events” section of our website and RSVP via email to

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