Do Students Experience Service “Summer Slide” ?

dsc03166_2It’s summer. Now, learning is in the hands of parents and the summer experiences our students delve into. In the last few months of school, there’s often a discussion between educators and parents surrounding the “summer slide” – the notion that students’ academic skills may slip during the summer months. Teachers may even provide resources to help students keep their skills fresh to help prevent this so-called phenomenon.

Is it possible that students can experience a service “summer slide” as well? Are students exposed to service opportunities when the quality service learning they engage in during the school year is absent? Consider being an advocate for service during the summer months. If you are able to contact outgoing or incoming families while school is out, you can suggest some resources for summer service like this article from on integrating service with family summer pastimes.

Such resources and experiences may help your future students gain powerful prior knowledge for a social issue that will be addressed this coming school year. Perhaps they will hone some academic, listening, speaking, or critical thinking skills while they engage in service, helping to prevent the “summer slide” that is talked about as each academic year comes to a close. Maybe one of your students will discover how their interests and talents can be meaningfully shared with others. Show families that summer service serves a purpose!

What are your trusted resources for summer service opportunities? Share what your students are doing to prevent the service summer slide! or leave a comment below.


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