Happy Bday, Now VOTE!

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Everyone loves celebrating a birthday! Now, children and teens of all ages can combine creativity with civic responsibility as they spread a critical message: Happy Birthday, Now VOTE! By making original birthday cards with a personal message on the importance of participating in the electoral process, younger students can influence a generation of new voters. 

This initiative, developed by Cathryn Berger Kaye, CBK Associates and the Educators Consortium for Service Learning, invites you join a nationwide K-12 collaboration to mobilize high school voter registration. 

How does it work? Students of any age learn about the importance of democracy and voting. We provide a Happy Birthday, Now VOTE! Resource Guide with activities, books and links to other organizations. Students make birthday cards for high school students approaching the age to register with a message on why voting matters. 

Then, find a high school partner. Make an agreement with the high school administration that every birthday card with voter registration information you provide will be given to a student when they reach the age to pre-register or register to vote.

  1. Students make a “Happy Birthday” card sharing a message of why voting matters. 
  2. Include a Voter Registration Card and/or information about online registration. 
  3. Provide the birthday cards to your partner high school.
  4. Tell us how many Happy Birthday-Now VOTE! cards are distributed with the hashtag #HBDNowVote; share photos and stories!

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Open the Happy Birthday, Now VOTE! Resource Guide to get started. Questions? Email ecslabc@gmail.com or cathy@cbkassociates.com.

You can find additional resources compiled to support service learning experiences around democracy and the election process in our section on Democracy & Voting.

Check out the Happy Birthday, Now VOTE! Book List here!

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