CurriculumGeneration On
Sign up for the 2012-2013 school year and your school can become a GenerationOn School. Come to a place where academic learning comes alive through real-world service experience to guide students in becoming engaged, responsible global citizens. Avail yourself of professional development and explore our resources. Don’t miss our informative monthly newsletter.

Go To Service Learning
Provides a database of best-practice service learning lesson plans developed by service learning teachers and their students and collected by YSA.

Youth Service America
YSA improves communities by increasing the number and diversity of young people engaged in substantive efforts to better the world. YSA activates, funds, trains and recognizes youth, schools and community organizations. Their campaigns include Global Youth Service Day, Service Vote, and Semester of Service. Their online resources are extensive and their National Service Briefing e-newsletter very helpful.

greenambassadors_logoGreen Ambassadors
Incorporate sustainable service learning into any subject. GREEN: The curriculum explores sustainable issues and solutions and then guides students to work in teams as they produce an event to share solutions with the community. AMBASSADOR: After each topic, students gain communication and community activation skills as they participate in one of the following, in an effort to put on an event that educates the community on the issue and solutions. Professional development in implementing the curriculum available at Environmental Charter High School in Lawndale, CA.

Project Giving Kids

Project Giving Kids is a nonprofit that connects kids to causes. PGK’s online platform provides a wide array of age-appropriate service opportunities for children, allowing them to learn the power of giving back at an early age, while simultaneously supporting the local nonprofit community. Kids have fun while learning they can change the world, while changing their own lives at the same time.

The Philanthropy Project

Building upon a strong foundation of best practices in service learning, The Philanthropy Project provides comprehensive online resources to support youth in planning and executing service campaigns that affect meaningful change. Connect with a campaign that fellow youth are undergoing on the site, or take your own campaign live with the help of The Philanthropy Project curriculum.

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