Advisory Council

ECSL Meeting

ECSL Advisory Council 2017/18

Administration Reps:

Jenny Lapidus             Los Encinos

Josie Behadry             Chadwick

Ann-Marie Hobbs      Windward

Allyson Daniels       New Roads

Faculty Reps:

Nikki Edwards             Carlthorp

Addy Porter             John Thomas Dye

Sarah Culberson             Oakwood

Lauren Miller             Milken

Sammy Lyon             Environmental Charter Schools

Jennie Willens             Windward

Sarah Troy         Center for Early Education

Parent Reps:

Zahra Dowlatabadi             John Burroughs High School

Jan Weiss             Campbell Hall

Organization Reps:

Erin Viera-Orr             Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots

Zhita Rea        League of Women Voters

Jennifer Futterman      CREEC

Loyda Ramos      Generation Earth

ECSL Advisors:

Cathryn Berger Kaye

Diana Grycan

Kim Wynn

Carolina Goodman

ECSL Administration:

Donna Ritter (Fr. Brentwood)            Executive Director

Ann Nelson (Fr. Polytechnic)             Secretary

Marissa Nadjarian (Fr. John Thomas Dye)       Director of Process

Sammy Lyon (Environmental Charter School)      Director of Technology

Kathy Hakim (Fr. Country School)             Assistant

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